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Please Print this page to use as a guide for your tracing.

I-Beam Tracing Checklist

(If you have a question please ask) !

Send picture of your instrument if possible but not necessary.

1# Use No#2 Pencil to trace your guitar.

2# Trace whole guitar with head stock 1 single line. (Use side pencil to trace guitar)

3# Note on tracing how thick the body is. (no knobs , switches or bridge)(use tape measure fractions)

4# If your guitar has an arch back or arch top measure the middle of the guitar body

 (This is your body thickness)

5# Note on tracing the position of the strap locks.

6# Note on tracing the colors you want for inside case

7# Note on tracing the colors you want on outside of case

8# Measure for neck rest (Directions below)

Neck Rest Measurement

1# Level the neck and take measurement from table top to bottom of neck just under the nut while body lays on table.

2#Write on tracing.

Last Measurement

1# Set guitar on a flat surface

2# Lift neck of guitar untill level

3# Measure with tape measure from flat surface to ware the neck meets the body.

(This tells us the angle needed under the body in the molding to support the whole body)