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Please Print this page to use as a guide for your tracing.

I-Beam Tracing Checklist

(If you have a question please ask) !

Send picture of your instrument if possible but not necessary.

1# Use No#2 Pencil to trace your guitar.

2# Trace whole guitar with head stock 1 single line. (Use side pencil to trace guitar)

3# Note on tracing how thick the body is. (no knobs , switches or bridge)(use tape measure fractions)

4# If your guitar has an arch back or arch top measure the middle of the guitar body

 (This is your body thickness)

5# Note on tracing the position of the strap locks.

6# Note on tracing the colors you want for inside case

7# Note on tracing the colors you want on outside of case

8# Measure for neck rest (Directions below)

Neck Rest Measurement

1# Level the neck and take measurement from table top to bottom of neck just under the nut while body lays on table.

2#Write on tracing.

3# If Neck is supported in proper place under nut and body also, full neck rest support is not needed.